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Tips For Adding Colour to You Garden

How can I add more colour to my garden?  It is possible to have wild flower colour in your garden all year with some of the fantastic new Australian plant varieties now on the market. And proven older long flowering varieties  such as ‘€˜Bush Pearl’€™ and ‘Diamond’ kangaroo paws and grevilleas like ‘€˜Robyn Gordon’ and ‘€˜Superb’€™ will […]

Weed Control in the Garden

How do I control weeds in my garden? It is critical to try and nip in the bud any possible weed infestations as early as possible in the growing season through spring and summer. The approach taken to weed control should vary according to the growth habit of the problem plant. Annual weeds are those […]

Salt Resistant Plants For The Garden

Rather than fighting against sea spray or saline soils, the trick with salty gardening is to choose plants that have originated in coastal zones around the world. There is something for everyone’€™s taste that will not only survive but thrive as well. You may prefer a native feel that will blend in with remnant bushland in […]

Potted Presents You Can Make

How to make potted presents If your special person loves gardening why not create a unique gift that will give them months or hopefully years of pleasure. Choose a large container and fill it with a creative blend of colours and textures. And a good way to go is to think of a theme for your pot. […]

Plants to Enhance Summer Entertaining

Various essential oils derived from plants have been used for centuries to repel insects with the best known being citronella. Plants that have lemon scented leaves are supposed to be the best at repelling insects. In particular a pelargonium called ‘€˜Mozzie Buster’€™ and a tea tree called Leptospermum liversidgei ‘€˜Mozzie Blocker’ reputedly have much higher […]

Plants for Shady Spots in the Garden

What can I plant in a shady spot in the garden One planting problems in the garden is finding something that will grow in shady spots in the garden such as under trees or alongside south-facing walls. Many species grown for their floral displays will not perform well in such situations so a better option […]

Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener

Plant Breeding In The Home Garden Perhaps the most satisfying of all gardening pursuits is the propagation of plants from seed and then growing them through to maturity. Imagine taking that a step further and creating a new plant that is worthy of replicating and planting in gardens all over the world. Professional plant breeders […]

Moving Plants- Transplanting

How do I transplant plants in the garden and minimize losses? Late autumn and late winter are terrific times to move established plants that you may want to reposition or give to a friend.  Moving plants in hot, dry or windy weather is to be avoided if possible. The first step is to trim the […]