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Care and Planting of Tube Stock Plants

Why small plants in tubes are a great choice Small tubes are a nice idea if you want to stock your garden with new plants, as they are much cheaper to buy than normal nursery plants in larger pots, and can often grow well and catch up to larger plants and have better root systems. They are […]

Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Red And Green’ -kangaroo paw

Anigozanthos Landscape Red And Green is from the Tall and Tough range from Gardening With Angus. An easy care plant, it is fast growing, and suits large scale landscaping for massed plantings, as well as home gardens and container growing. It will grow in most soil types, and will form a large upright clump with attractive sword shaped leaves. It can […]

Anigozanthos flavidus ‘Landscape Violet’ – kangaroo paw

Anigozanthos Landscape Violet is from the Tall and Tough range from Gardening With Angus. It suits most soils and can be grown in sun to partial shade. Higher light levels will give  better flowering. This kangaroo paw begins flowering in spring with multi branched stems of beautiful subtle shades of purple to nearly white. They will attract birds to […]

Kunzea Essential Oil

Kunzea oil is a remarkable and relatively new essential oil, derived from the shrub Kunzea ambigua, which is native to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. One of the common names for the plant is Tick Bush, a name which hints at some of the medicinal properties of the essential oil. Much of the current […]

Angus Stewart Biography

Angus was born in country New South Wales, Australia.  Whilst he grew up in a family who loved gardening and gardens he attributes his passion for Australian native plants and in particular kangaroo paws, to his maternal grandmother. Angus graduated from Sydney University with a First Class Honors Degree in Agricultural Science and Environmental Horticulture […]

The science behind compost heaps

Composting is a process that can be done in a number of different ways. If we understand a bit about the basic microbiology of composting we can choose a method of composting that will best suit our backyard situation. When organic materials are kept in a pile with a suitable supply of mineral nutrients and […]

Worm farming for beginners

Worm farms are a terrific option for recycling all kinds of organic materials in your garden. They are particularly useful for gardeners that have small amounts of organic materials such as kitchen scraps on a daily basis. A worm farm can easily keep pace with the organic waste from an average sized family once it […]

How to make an in ground worm farm

In ground worm farms – a composting method for the time poor gardener How do you find the time to maintain a compost heap when you don’t even have the time to do the fun stuff in your garden? This is an increasing situation I am seeing with gardeners in urban areas. There is also […]