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Thursday till Sunday- Angus will have a stand and be on stage! 30 exhibition gardens to inspire you,  fun things to do for kids and adults, including a pop up cider bar, Fathers Day chook raffle, and more. Find out what's on and how to get there- click here

Bushcare Major Day Out- 7th of September. Get involved. Find out more here!


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The totally prostrate habit combined with the texture and colour of the foliage are the... More about Flat Out

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Carpobrotus rossii
White Hot

Ozothamnus diosmifolius

Callistemon salignus
Perth Pink

Some of my earliest and happiest memories are of being in gardens and watching plants grow. Nothing has changed for me. So this website is all about sharing my love of plants with you. Having grown up in Australia I was struck by its remarkable flora and I have spent a lifetime working with and breeding Australian plants with the objective of making them more rewarding for gardeners around the world. As well as finding a wealth of information on Australian plants, there are numerous videos and articles on a wealth of other gardening topics to help you grow better plants, whatever their origin. I also have a deep fascination with composting and soil biology which you will also find here. Lastly, check out the shop for a selection of my books that will also help to enhance your gardening experience.